"What's wrong with my manuscript?" is a question I hear frequently. My answer, "I don't know. You have to let me read it--only then can I tell you."

My qualifications? I've been a professional manuscript evaluator, in-depth critique giver, copy editor and book reviewer for a well-known literary listing service since the beginning of this century. Yes, people actually pay me to read their manuscripts and tell them what's working and what isn't. I've even helped a few land publishing contracts. It's a great feeling. I've also published non-fiction works, novels and novellas of my own under three different pen names, so I understand what editors are looking for and how to go about giving the reader what she or he wants in a good story.

I'm willing to do the same for you. Contact me at cynthianna@hotmail.com with the words "Editorial Services" in the subject line. Tell me what you need help with, and we'll discuss what I can do for you and your work.

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