I charge according to the type of editorial service you need for your manuscript. Do you need a complete manuscript evaluation or a simple line edit? Are you submitting your work for professional publication or simply trying to sell it to your friends? If the former, then a complete evaluation might be the most productive and help you sell your book by presenting it in its best possible light.

A complete manuscript evaluation includes things such as pointing out plot holes, logic gaps, structural problems, weak characterization, pacing problems, failing to meet genre expectations (not meeting the target audience's expectations), etc. These problems are not addressed in a simple line edit, where an editor proofreads only for typos and corrects grammar and misspellings, etc. While a "clean" manuscript is good, if the basic structure of the story is weak it can be easily rejected by publishers and agents. And a poorly structured book can be easily ridiculed by critics and readers if you self-publish. (If you truly believe in your work, you won't want to rush it out there ill-prepared, which is why having a publisher/agent on your side is always to your advantage.)

I charge by the standard 250 word per page, 12 point font, one inch margins, double space. For example, a 40,000 word manuscript comes in at 160 standard pages. I can do a partial edit (such as the first chapter or first 50 standard pages) for a flat rate. Depending on how much work needs to be done, I usually charge between $2 - $5 a standard page.

Online Special--I will do a "short in-depth critique" of the first 25 pages of your manuscript for a flat rate of $50. Contact me for details.

Publishing is a tough business. You can't afford to waste an editor's or agent's valuable time. Get your book in shape! Contact me today at
cynthianna@hotmail.com with the words "Editorial Services" in the subject line.